Hashtag $

by Awkward Friends

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Recorded at last chance studios


released February 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Awkward Friends Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: You Have Failed This City
An Arrow to the chest when I see where your kisses land
I'd take a bullet for her, just to say that I had

Slade's blade is digging in my neck, but it's all part of the plan
You say you're a murderer but I know you're a better man

You say you've failed this city, but you've never let me down
I'll stand beside you on this ever shaking ground
the Glades are burning and the dead lining the streets
it's do or die now but don't grant them death's sweet release
Track Name: My Impending Midlife Dino-Crisis
Years go past, it's time you won't get back
But you get older and learn to deal with that

My dreams they aren't so bright anymore
My goals they aren't so high
It seems the only thing I'm aiming for
is to get out of this job before I die

But I still cling to shreds of my youth
When every word was urgent and soaked in my truth

I see the 19 year old version of me
Singing about women and cheap whiskey
I wonder where that part of me went
full of venom staggering and hellbent

40 years don't seem too long
just days of singing the same song
Track Name: WWTAWWTA Allston (Baltika #9)
I'm walking the streets of Allston looking for something neat
and I'm glad we are here
There's a brightly colored Russian bodega and it's beckoning
with baltika malt liquor

watching my dreams as they disappear
drowning myself in baltika malt liquor

and I know I'll be fine on Baltika #9
Track Name: Intellectually Dishonest
Thoughts, thinking too hard it's easier to pretend
I'm sick of waiting for you to notice I'm not noticing you

Can't help yourself it takes control
Just so you know
I love you more everyday I love you

Time is an illusion, time keeps marching on
One day you know the seeds we've sown will blossom and they'll die but