Running On Fumes

by Awkward Friends

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released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Awkward Friends Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: You vs. SRV
Vapor trails across the sky
Ruled lines for me to write what's on my mind
and hold it up for the world to see
that no one really thinks that much of me

There's a subtle sort of sadness
when you're wrapped up in complacency
you can't let it grow inside you
or it'll kill everything as it breeds
Track Name: Intellectually Dishonest
Thoughts, thinking too hard
it's easier to pretend
I'm sick of waiting for you
to notice I'm not noticing you

can't help yourself
it takes control
just so you know
I love you more everyday
I love you

Time is an illusion
Time keeps marching on
One day you know the seeds we've sown
will blossom and they'll die but
Track Name: Is That Your Phone?!
There are songs we all sing
To help us to cling
To nostalgia for bad memories
That we improve when we
Rewrite our histories

Catching fire in your hand
Exploring Traci and Madison
Bathroom doors kicked through walls
Using bar broom closets as urinals so that

We can make it on fumes from here

Setting fire to your hair
Flying birds let everyone know that we don't care
Sliding down Dag's rotten stairs
We'll broadcast our mistakes everywhere

Trunk booze shared with our friends
Hanging with Crunchy in Marion
Clapping our way through Pilgrim's streets
We'll form victories from our defeats because

We can make it on fumes from here
Track Name: Four Generic Chords
And I have nothing new to say
But I'll embrace these words anyway

I can remember the first time I felt the sun
Track Name: No Time For Hillbillies
Laying your head on my shoulder as we merge on
Letting you take control of the stereo
Fiddling with heat and my windows are down
the mist off the streets the only thing that cools me down
And I've gotta keep my cool

On and on we go
there's nothing left for us but open road

The smell of rubber burning in the summer street
pole cats and paper mills as we head out east
Landmarks decisions littering my rear view
but I'll keep driving as long as i'm next to you
And I've gotta keep driving

On and on leave it all behind you
it doesn't matter where we're going